[News] Thailand’s ultra-rich get access to London’s real estate

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Thailand’s ultra-high-net-worth individuals now have access to real estate investment in London following the partnership agreement signed by Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) and Knight Frank Thailand.

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The partnership seeks to help Thai UNHWs find alternative investment to maximise returns amid Thailand’s economic instability. SCB, which serves more than 10,000 UNHWs in Thailand, added that the country’s ultra-rich had been seeking residences in Britain and said that real estate in London could be an alternative investment for the UNHWs. Several of Thailand’s rich families have sent their children to Britain to study, making the country a familiar place. The SCB and Knight Frank Thailand, meanwhile, said in a report that the country’s UNHW population is forecast to grow by 58% or 855 individuals over the next decade.

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